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Opening a brand new coffee shop can be a very fun and exciting experience. Assuming that you’ve already taken care of the basics you need to start, this includes finding a great spot and lining up the funding, the next thing you need to do is buy the necessary equipment that you need. Of course, a coffee shop is nothing without the tools that make every single shop that you see be a successful one.

You should know that the coffee shop equipment you need should offer the highest return of any kind of investment in your business; meaning, they should be of the highest quality in order for your business to succeed. Having the right kind of equipment will help you prepare delectable, high-quality drinks that will surely wow your clients and keep them coming back for more. You would want that, right? Of course you want it to happen!


Here are some of the essential equipment that you’re going to need:

Espresso Machines

After getting your high quality coffee beans, an espresso machine is the next thing you should buy and perhaps your most important investment. Generally speaking, clients don’t come to coffee shops for plain, black coffee; they want lattes, cappuccinos and mochas. These kinds of drinks are what will drive the revenues for your business – and every single one of them needs an espresso machine.

Try buying the brand new espresso machines you can find and you need to learn all about it, how it operates and how to properly maintain it.


Espresso Coffee Grinders

Of course, your espresso machine wouldn’t be complete without coffee grinders to grind your coffee beans. When grinding coffee, the surface area increases to expose the soluble particles and oils that can give the final cup of coffee you produce its distinctive flavor. You need grounds of consistent size to generate consistently amazing caffeine drinks.

Thus, espresso grinders generate the ultra-fine grind needed for espresso machines to work their magic. You may want to buy at least two grinders – one for regular coffee orders and the other for decafs.



Dishwashers is an important piece of equipment you need for your coffee shop, whether it’s a commercial automatic dishwashing machine or even the old three compartment kitchen sink. Sure, paper cups are great for to-go orders, but there are others who enjoy drinking their coffee inside your shop and drink coffee from real coffee mugs. Plus, you’re also going to need to wash the rest of the equipment you used throughout the day. Therefore, it’s essential to have this along.



You’re going to need a commercial, one- or two-door refrigerator that’s needed to be placed under the espresso machine. Plus, you need one that’s approved by the authorities to be safe for use. Of course, you don’t want a fridge that can break down so easily and compromise your daily earnings.

These are just some of the essential coffee shop equipment you need to start with your coffee shop business. If you’re looking for only the best equipment around, Best Buy Food Service Equipment is your companion. Click here to see more.