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A good and a high-quality kitchen knife will cost you a lot of green; however, it’ll reward you with the easiest chopping and slicing experience in your cooking life. Not only does it take dicing onions a whole new level of enjoyment, but it’s much safer – a low-quality knife can actually be hazardous to use.

Among all of the cooking tools and equipment, the kitchen knife is no ordinary kitchen tool – it’s your sidekick when it comes to preparing meals, so you should handle it with the utmost care. No matter how sharp the blade may be, it’s still a delicate piece of equipment and can be damaged with the smallest mistake.

Cooking Tools and Equipment – Do’s and Don’ts

Before investing in a good, sharp blade, there are some things you should know so you don’t turn your good knife into a horrible cooking tool Here are some do’s and don’ts for kitchen knife care:

  • Never Leave Kitchen Knives on the Kitchen Sink

Not only is this dangerous for the one cleaning the dishes, it’s also bad for your knives. The blade may get scratched, or worse, the tip of the blade can either bend or break. As soon as you’re done chopping or slicing with your knives, wash, dry and put it way immediately in a safe place.

  • Never Store Knives in the Utensil Drawer

Throwing your knives in any drawer, along with any other utensils, is one of the worst mistakes you can commit. The blade can get easily scratched and dented from being shoved around inside the drawer every time it’s opened.

If you don’t have any other places to store your knives, make sure to at least sheath your knife to protect the blade.

  • Never Leave your Knives to Dry in the Dish Rack

If you just left your knife to dry in the dish rack, you run the risk of dulling the blade when the knife shares space with other utensils. Therefore, it’s necessary to dry your knives after washing to prevent any mold from being formed. Then put it away immediately after.

  • Always Wash and Clean your Knives with your Hands

The dishwasher may be a handy tool to have; however, there’s a high risk that the blade will be removed during the wash cycle. Therefore, you should do the knife cleaning with the use of your bare hands. The blade will be eternally grateful with your simple actions of taking care of it.

  • Always Sharpen the Blade

Make it a habit to fine-tune your knives every now and then. There are various ways on how you could do it with the use of honing steel and with a knife stone. You could even hand it over to a professional to be sharpened if you can’t do the job.

  • Always Use a Chopping Board

Don’t even try to cut on your countertop – resist the urge to do it and get a chopping board. Marble, granite or any other solid surface is too tough for the blade to take. So, stick with wooden chopping boards, they’re gentle and friendly to your knives.

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