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The restaurant equipment you’ll need for a brand new restaurant will solely depend upon the type of restaurant you’ll be opening: fast food, mid-scale, casual or fine dining. For instance, you’ll need headsets for the drive-through for fast food restaurants. The amount of equipment will also differ depending on the restaurant’s size.

Overall, you will need the right kitchen tools and equipment for the back, serving and for the dining areas of your restaurant. However, you need to consider several factors when buying the equipment you’ll need. Below are some of the more important ones you need to think over first.

Best Buy Davao - Kitchen Tools & Equipment


The Significance

In the significance factor, your restaurant will need a point of scale (POS) system. You need a POS to help you track sales and inventory usage. POS systems also help specify the exact amount of products that were used for every purchase so they’re easier to track.

Therefore, you’ll subsequently have the ability to compute expenses of the goods sold, one of the most significant expenses your restaurant could invest in. POS systems link register transactions to your main restaurant computer. Also, these POS systems will allow you to print reports so that you can study ways to lower food expenses.

The Identification

You’ll have to identify the small tools you’ll need, depending on the type of restaurant you own. For instance, all restaurants will need pots and pans. However, a fine dining establishment will need more mixers and dicing equipment.

In addition, most restaurants also require the use of stainless steel tables and cutting boards for meal preparations. The other types of restaurant tools will most likely include meat grinders, dishwashers, colanders, and blenders.

The Functionality

Most restaurant food is prepared in either oven or on open ranges or stoves. The size and type of stove are indicated by your potential sales volume and needs. You’ll also need fryers for the food preparation, such as for french fries, onion rings, and other fried foods.

In addition, heating stations will also help in keeping the food warm for only a short period of time. If you’re serving dishes like tortillas, meats, and hot sauces, you’ll need steam cabinets and a steam table as well.

The Service

A lot of restaurants utilize a particular type of self-service equipment to make the ordering process a whole lot faster. For instance, fast food chains utilize a self-service soft drink dispenser. Clients can then buy their drinks and fill their own cups.

For casual dining or sit-down restaurant establishments, they may use self-service ice cream machines if the dessert is on the menu. Other necessary equipment, particularly for cafeteria-style dining, are sneeze guards, holding bins, and a self-service salad table.

For your restaurant to be the best there is, you need to consider these factors when buying your kitchen tools and equipment. For high-quality kitchen equipment, Best Buy Food Service is your one-stop kitchen tool provider in the Philippines. They sell only the best kitchen equipment you’ll need in your brand-new restaurant.