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How to Select Food Service Equipment Suppliers for Restaurants

Business plan – check. Funding – check. Space and overheads – check. But how about food service equipment supplier? If you plan to enter the exciting, yet unpredictable world of restaurants and food service establishments, look no further for your kitchen suppliers. When it comes to restaurant equipment, the owner must be able to  find the right type of equipment supplier, since some suppliers focus on certain types of equipment like cooking pots or knives, while others cover as much items as possible. Here’s what to look out for when choosing equipment suppliers for restaurants.    

Make A List of What You Need

When choosing among the different restaurant equipment suppliers out there, first determine what you need. Are you planning to open a French, Chinese or Japanese restaurant?  French restaurants generally require cooking tools and equipment like stock pots, escargot plates or sautee pans.

A typical Chinese restaurant will need stuff like steamers, woks and frying baskets. Thus, it would help if you make a list of what you need, and compare the availability, and quality, of the equipments from different suppliers.

Choose a Reputable Equipment Supplier

The highly-competitive restaurant industry runs, and thrives on reputation. Therefore, you should never go for a food equipment supplier who has a shady, or with a questionable reputation (no matter how tempting their prices are). While they may offer rock-bottom prices for their various equipments, these may not have passed the rigid food-safety standards, and could be made from substandard materials.

Check out the different restaurants in your town or city, and talk to the owners about their equipment suppliers, as well as their experiences with them. You’ll be surprised to hear an earful from them about certain equipment dealers!

Check Out the Latest Industry Trends

To get the best, and most suitable equipment for your restaurant, it would help if you check out the latest trends and popular options in the restaurant industry, so that your up-and-coming resto would look fresh, updated and in tune with the times.

When calling the various equipment suppliers, tell them about your vision for the restaurant, and ask them if they can provide you with the required gear.  And since most suppliers love building healthy relationships with their customers, don’t hesitate to ask them if they can fulfill your special requirements.  

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

The search for reliable, high-quality restaurant equipment should not just boil down to price. Like in other products or services, cheaper doesn’t mean that it’s better.

To determine which suppliers or equipments are suitable for your restaurant, you may want to hire a consultant, who can help you steer clear of low-quality and potentially-hazardous equipment. The consultant can also tell you whether the supplier is giving you a good deal or not.  

Operating a restaurant requires more than just hiring a good chef, or preparing the best menus. It also requires using high-quality appliances, and finding a reputable kitchen equipment supplier Philippines. By having the finest equipment, restaurant owners will no longer have to fork out large sums for repairs and maintenance, and they’ll be able to focus on creating the best culinary masterpieces to make their customers happy, and satisfied.